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Meet Our Team

Tori Hein

Tori is a down to earth communicator and coach who engages people with her authenticity, humor, and passion for God and His word.

Whether on stage speaking, coaching her clients, or sitting snuggled on a couch with a friend and a hot cup of tea, her goal is to move others toward God with their story and choices.

Tori is a licensed life coach through Transformational Leadership Coaching International and has a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies through Calvary Chapel Bible College. With over six years of leadership experience as a Vice President with Arbonne International helping women experience freedom and community in their health journeys, Tori is a natural at awakening people to their divine potential and inspiring them to take action and live the life they were created for. 

She founded For Eternity and Until, an online community, blog, and podcast in May 2020. She saw women in her community who felt out of place at their classic church Bible studies who were hungry to understand God's word and how to apply it to their lives practically. Her goal was to create a space for women to go deep, get real, and encounter God tangibly and honestly together. 


Her and her husband , Matt, and two children, Micaiah and Amara, live just south of Nashville, TN. 


Ashlee Fey

Ashlee is a behind-the-scenes, make-dreams-happen, cheerleader-to-all, kind of person.  She loves Jesus and counts herself blessed when she can witness people's lives transformed by Him.


She is loyal and always down for a dream session or road trip to anywhere!  Some of the international places she's traveled to are Africa, Mexico, Japan, and China, to name a few!  Ashlee met Tori at ten years old and they have gone through every life-stage together since!  


Ashlee has her Bachelor's Degree in Intercultural Studies from William Jessup University and her Masters in Education from Columbia International University.  With over ten years of teaching experience from Kindergarten to University students and 6 years running an after-school Performing Arts Program, she still makes time to work on her passion projects. For Eternity and Until is one of those passion projects. What started as a conversation with Tori in 2014 at Lake Tahoe, a dreaming and encouraging session, turned reality in May 2020. Ashlee joined the team in August 2020!


Ashlee is married to her husband, Andrey, and they live with their young son near Sacramento, California.


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