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Savannah, NV

I have served God my entire life, but wasn't into the whole podcast scene. Then, I decided to listen while I was working and it gave me encouragement for my day and helped  motivate me to do my work well and live out my God given purpose." 

Teresita, NV

For a few years now I have prayed for a podcast that can easily explain scripture to me without being intimidated!

Mandy, IN

Tori has an authentic voice. She is able to communicate the meaning of scripture in a down-to-earth way without sacrificing the truth of God and His word." 

Tori is funny and real and has a gift for teaching and a real love for the Lord. 

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Rebekah, CA


Our Mission

Women Living For Eternity, Now. 

Together we are bringing heaven to earth through our everyday choices to live the life we were created for. 


Join Our Ephesians
Bible Study!

hey, you! 

You belong here. 

The most profound moments of growth and revelation in my life have involved a friend, a couch, a cup of coffee, and a space to share and encounter God in my story. Every woman I know needs that place to belong before they believe. 

We are creating that space. I believe God want us to know Him and His purposes. God speaks to us through His word but He also uses our stories. Each carry an authority from heaven.

Through our work, we are showcasing stories of faith and providing tools to help women understand the Bible and how it applies practically to their lives.

Our mission is to help women live for eternity in every moment until they arrive there. 

Together, we are bringing heaven to earth in our every day choices and living the life we are created for! 

You are loved. 

For Eternity and Until 

- Tori Hein

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